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40mm Bofors Cannon in AC-130

AC-130 Spectre Miniguns

AC-47D Spooky Gunship

Armament racks on the wing of an F-4C Phantom II

B-17 Bomber

B-17G Flying Fortress

B-25 Left Side

B-25 Mitchell Bomber

B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber

B-25 Mitchell WW2 Bomber

B-25 Nose Gunners Position

B-52 Nose and Cockpit

B-52 Stratofortress Nose, Cockpit and Left Engines

Bofors Cannon in an AC-130 Gunship

Cockpit and Forward Fuselage of a MIG 21F Fishbed

Cockpit and Left Engine of an AC-47D

Cockpit and nose of an F-4 C Phantom II


F-101 Voodoo

F-4C Phantom II Seen from the Rear

F-86 Sabre

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