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For photograph users:

The photos posted on this site “Stock Photo Showcase” found at stockphotoshowcase.com are copyright by the photographer. They may be downlaoded and used in websites or printed in books, magazines and other publications if the following terms are honored. The website, book, publication must acknowledge Stock Photo Showcase as the provider and must note that the photographs or pictures are copyrighted. The photos and image files may not be sold, redistributed, or given away individually or in any other collection.

The images and photos may be used in photo compositing or other image manipulation or graphic program as source material for new works. In this case the author of the new work must acknowledge the copyright of the underlying photograph(s) and/or image(s).

Some of the photographs may include copyrighted or trademarked subjects. Others may include recognizable images of individual people and/or multiple people. These photographs may not have been “released” and should be treated accordingly. Stock Photo Showcase will not respond to any inquiries regarding the “release” status of any photographs provided at no charge.

Most of the photographs and images shown on Stock Photo Showcase have been resized, typically to 600 by 800 pixels. A few have been extracted in these sizes in their original resolution. Most of these images and many others are available at a nominal fee in their original resolution, generally, depending on the camera with which they were shot, at 2.5 megapixels, 3 megapixels, 7 megapixels or 10 megapixels. Some are available in “RAW” format, most are only available in jpg format.

Terms for posting photographers

Photographer members of stock photo showcase may post only pictures which they personally took, and for which they have unencumbered copyrights. Pictures showing people should be released or should note that they are not released and may only be used for editorial purposes. Photographers posting photos should post them in sizes of either 600×800 or 800×600. Photographers agree that anyone may download and use the photographs they upload in any manner allowed in the terms for photograph users detailed above. Photographers may place one link to their site in the photo description of the photos they upload. Photographers must write a title and description of their photographs, which the owner of Stock Photo Showcase may edit in any manner he sees fit. Photographs uploaded are not immediately published but must be approved by the owner of Stock Photo Showcase. No photographs including nudity or violence, either explicit or implied, will be approved. The owner of Stock Photo Showcase may approve or disapprove photographs at his sole discretion.

About Stock Photo Showcase

Stock Photo Showcase is intended to provide a low cost source of photographs for websites and publications. It may also include other items in the future, please check back to see how we grow.

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